Wednesday, 2 May 2012

SEPEP Basketball

The Sport Education in Physical Education Program (SEPEP) is a program that allows students to participate in a sporting unit that is centred around a social structure. Traditionally this has been asking students to undertake roles such as captain, coach, umpire, association president, secretary and so on. This structure allows for a sporting competition to take place and provides the opportunity for students to experience a role they will/may encounter if they are a member of a sporting organisation. These roles provide opportunities to develop communication and leadership skills.

Having done this in the past, and by my own admission not very well, I have decided to try a different take on the process keeping some of the more traditional roles while including some roles that allowed for more creativity. Part of the changes I have made involve using a blog and the iPad. Unfortunately only limited use of the iPad at the moment. If I had a class set I would be utilising them for each role undertaken by the students. However I only have one which will be used by students undertaking the commentater role.

The sport that I am basing this program around is basketball.

Change number 1 - Use a blog as the central place for all required information, resources and student tasks. Each student has a role and each role requires the posting of weekly information. Access to a computer suite on the last lesson of every week will allow us to complete tasks based on the games played that week.

Change number 2 - Provide a central site (blog) with resources and videos linked to the sport (basketball). This will assist the students undertaking this role as they will be running sessions with their teams.

Change number 3 - Moving away from the 'traditional' roles for students to undertake. There are 6 students per team in three teams and 5 in one team. The traditional roles I have kept are role 1 Captain/Coach, role 2 Scorer/Timekeepr and role 3 Umpire. The new roles which I have never had before and hopefully offer a point of difference from past models I have used are role 4 News Reporter, role 5 Photographer and role 6 Commentator. Each of these roles is explained on the Student Roles and Responsibilities page on the site. If I had access to another iPad I would have like to have added 'Film Crew' to this list (film with iPad and use iMovie to edit) but unfortunately only have one iPad which will be used to record the commentary of each game.

For a basic structure to the term you can go to the page titled 7 Week Time line and Assessment on the site.

I have already considered changes I would make the next time to the type of tech I would get students to use and the actual roles undertaken by students. But thats for next time........

If you would like to visit our 7/8 Basketball SEPEP site click here.

I would like to thank pegeek Jared Robinson for a post he wrote about SEPEP  which helped motivate me to try something different.

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