Web 2.0

Blogger - create a free blog and share your thoughts with others.
Edublogs - create your own blog free version or Pro.
Glogster - create a free online poster. Set up a school account for your students.
Animoto - create a video with images and audio.
Ask 500 People - ask the world a question and see what people think.
Google Docs - create online documents to share and access on the internet.
Google SketchUp - design and create 3D models from coffee pots to skyscapers.
Silicon Coach Live - compare video of students skills  & technigue with professionals.
Sketch Heroes - teach students how to draw.
Slideshare - upload and download Power Points and create slidecasts by adding audio.
The Why Files - the science behind the latest news.
TubeChop - chop up Youtube clips and get the best bits.
Voki - motivate your students to present their work orally.
Graph Words - create a word web from a base word. Words of similar meaning will make a web around the original word.
Screenr - A web based screen recorder providing 5 minutes of free screencasting. Add audio to images then publish and share your screencasts around the web.
Screencast O Matic - Almost identical to Screenr but provides 15 minutes free screencasting.
Pearltrees - gather and organise all your favourite web sites in the one place.
Dropbox - Save all your files in Cloud. Documents, photos and video all saved in one spot so they can be accessed by you anywhere in the world.