Friday, 17 June 2011

What do my Year 9's think of blogging?

I did a quick survey of my students to find out what they thought about the use of blogs in the classroom based on their limited use of their class blog

Question 1: Do you think using a blog is a useful learning tool?
A Yes it is excellent
B Yes it is good
C It's ok
D No I don't like using it

100% chose B

Question 2: Now that you have used a blog which of the following do you think a blog would be most useful for?
A Posting assignment/task work instead of working in books or word processing. Teacher can then draft work on the blog and provide feedback.
B Working on group tasks - sharing information and commenting on each others work. Working as a group to solve problems.
C Posting work so that another class/teacher can give their comments and feedback.
D A combination of the above.
E I don't think it is useful at all.

12.5% chose A, 12.5% chose B, 75% chose D

So based on their limited experience the year 9 students seem to be very positive about the use of blogs in the classroom.
However they are not using the blog yet in a genuinely collaborative way which is how I intend them to use it. They have made attempts at being collaborative but not in an independent way. Hopefully this collaboration will increase as their experience grows.

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