Monday, 2 January 2012


Thank you to the Sage on the Stage for writing how he uses his Ipad to present to a class. After reading this I immediately downloaded Splashtop Streamer for PC and got the Splashtop app, which cost $5.49 evidently on special down from $19.99. My intention is to use Apple TV and Splashtop to use my Ipad2 as the sole presentation device in my classroom, with my laptop connected to the IWB.
If I can get Apple TV to work in my classroom (which is yet to happen) I will be able to wirelessly connect my Ipad2 to the IWB allowing me to walk around the class with the Ipad2 focusing on students rather than being tied to the IWB when I want to present something. The only thing with this is that the Ipad2 doesn't do everything! I still need my laptop to bring up Office docs, flash video, Active inspire for IWB etc.... Well now I can do this with Splashtop, I can control my laptop directly from my Ipad2 and switch between Ipad2 and Splashtop (laptop) with reletive ease. This is one of the best apps I have downloaded so far and can't wait to use it in my class.

Now to get Apple TV working at school!

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