Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My March 30 Day Challenge

I'm working with my pastoral care class to complete one 30 day callenge each month beginning March this year. This means our first challenge is underway. I have decided to do a 30 Day Challenge each month as well and record how |I have gone with this. My March challenge has been to not swear. Now it's not that I go around swearing in class or at school but outside of school |I would like to reduce the amount of times I swear. So 13 days into my challenge how am |I going? $%#*@ average. There are a couple of reasons for this:
1. I did not set myself each day to achieve this. From now on I will remind myself of what it is |I want to achieve.
2. It was easy to not focus on my challenge as there are many other things that are going on making it difficult to remember something like this.

Although I have not completely stopped swearing I have reduced my swearing which I think is a positive. It will be interesting to see if i can eliminate swearing further from my daily life.

The initial concept came from Matt Cutts and a TED talk he presented.

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