Sunday, 30 October 2011

Writing Reliefs for Relief Teachers

I'm away for 3 weeks this term and face the frustratingly long process of preparing my lessons for someone else to teach. Having recently developed class blogs I had the idea to use this format to set up my lessons for the relief teacher. I decided not to do all my subjects this way but did do my Year 8/9 Health and Year 9 English classes. I already have a Year 9 class blog so used this to present my work for the weeks I will be away.

Firstly I created two new pages, one for each subject area. On each page I created a Slidecast (audio combined with a slide show created on Slideshare). For English I created one Slidecast for each week away and just one for health, which is only 3 lessons over the 3 weeks I'm away. Below the Slidecasts I added the tasks required to be completed and the assessment. The idea is to have the relief teacher play the Slidecasts and have the students listen to my instructions while viewing notes on the presentation. I'm hoping this provides a more realistic start to the unit they will be completing while I'm away. It also makes my instructions accessible to all so the relief teacher can direct the students back to this resource rather than having to re-explain things themselves over and over.

The other benefit that the blog may provide is the ability for me to answer any student questions that come up while I'm away. There may be an opportunity for me to get the relief teacher to pick some specific times for students to post questions. If I'm aware of these times I can log on and answer these questions which would also be useful for the students and the relief teacher (who may also wish to ask some questions).

I'm not sure if this process saved me time, it may as I get better at it. I do however think that it may be a more effective way than the traditional written notes.

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