Monday, 10 October 2011

Year 12 PE 2012

After doing some reading of Jared Robinson's blog I have decided to try a few things next year in my Year 11/12 PE class to improve student engagement in the course and their attitude towards the revision of work.

1. Generate a Blog
This year I have created blogs for 3 classes and feel they are a useful tool to store resources, share ideas and promote student learning. Being able to direct students to a site that they own, use, share work on will be worthwhile. Resources such as assessment plans, due dates, assignments, revision tasks, video, slidecast presentations etc will also be valuable for students and accessible at home as well as school.

2. Podcasts
I'm not sure I'll store too many audio recordings on the Internet but I will be looking to utilise an mp3 device to record audio for students to listen to on different aspects of the course. At the moment my intention will be for students to put these onto their mp3 devices to be listened to anywhere anytime as a form of revision - seems like this could be a very powerful tool.

3. Slidecasts
Using Slideshare develop presentations on different aspects of the course and combine with audio to produce Slidecasts. Post these on the blog for students to use as a revision tool.

4. Skype or Google Plus
I have never used Skype or Google Plus before and currently do not have an account but intend to try and get at least one person 'an expert' in a particular field associated with the course to speak to the class who would have prepared questions ready for the speaker.

I didn't have a Year 12 PE class this year and am excited at the prospect of developing these technology based tools to improve student learning.

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